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Ready to fly... - April 2021: Where is Darcie?

I'm alive & well & taking some time to write/right what's in my head. Available to give lessons on Zoom and other platforms, and open to new possibilities. Messaging me on Facebook is probably the best way to contact me right now.

Although Woody Sez has taken me to many places all over the world, we're taking a small break. I'm happy to be spending some time at home again! I'm accepting new students, almost any age. My specialties include an introduction to music, or - how music works - for anyone who's always been interested but thought they couldn't... 



"Pilots and musicians are of the same breed. They all have their heads in the clouds," Darcie muses. Born in Toronto to a journalist/pilot mother and a bush helicopter pilot father, she started her childhood in Northern Canada, constantly moving around the North American continent, from one culture to another. At 16, Darcie struck out on her own, continuing to "pay her dues", making her living on the streets of Toronto playing guitar. Finally finding home in Austin, TX, Darcie is well known for her fiery fiddling and singing her songs, and with artists including Ray Wylie Hubbard, Eliza Gilkyson, Toni Price, Slaid Cleaves, Tish Hinojosa, The Meat Purveyors, The Austin Lounge Lizards,and more. 


Darcie’s versatility is her strength. In the past few years she has developed her own personal way of coaching music for adults and kids of all ages.


Her involvement in theatre keeps her busy in Canada, Austria, Italy, Prague, Scotland, NYC, and other US cities. Currently Darcie is a cast member of the play "Woody Sez", a four person cast that is also the band. Her part was written for her, playing multiple characters and instruments.


In 2007 she released her 5th CD, "Livin' on the Lucky Side.” Her alter ego/evil twin fiddle sister, Marcie Mercy, assists. Darcie and Marcie also team up to perform, write stories, play on and produce CDs for other musicians.