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"Intelligent, warmly satisfying and touching. At home on an assortment of instruments, Darcie Deaville is not to be overlooked ..." 

 -  The New York Times 


"[Darcie] shows a talent for songwriting and storytelling on a par with Rory Block and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Clearly, Deaville is one to watch." - Kerry Dexter, Dirty Linen



"Her wizardry with melodies and musicianship draws the listener into a whirling journey, that when finished definitely lets you know that you're not in Kansas anymore." - Rich Warren, Sing Out Magazine


"In the fiddlework, in the words, and in the supporting cast of musicians, there is power in this album ..." - Christopher Hess, Austin Chronicle


"The songs are written from experience, Deaville singing of flight and strength, of secrets and their telling, of hope and hurt and desolation . . . the album's tone is one of stubborn triumph rather than fear and defeat. Darcie Deaville, it seems, knows a thing or two about survival ..."  - Jay Hardwig, Austin Chronicle


"Strong vocalist Ms. Deaville was obviously the crowd pleaser of the day. She plays the guitar, mandolin, and fiddle with equal competence; her amazing ability to sing while she plays the latter is only one of her attributes ..." - John Conquest, Third Coast Music (formerly Music City Texas)


"Get her to play "Ducks on the Pond" and "Red River Jig". If your toes ain't tappin', you're dead ..." -  Phoenix Gazette


"Deaville has a mystical quality that is a nice surprising touch of fantasy in an otherwise down-home show. It is very heartening to see this young woman with an infectious grin up there all by herself, just making the music fly ..." - The Peak (Vancouver, BC)


"Multi-talented Darcie Deaville is the perfect combination of great musicianship and personality ..." - Jethro Burns (of Homer & Jethro)


"Darcie Deaville provides the fiery fiddling and the wild-eyed stares that fans fear to love and love to fear." -The Meat Purveyors