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Darcie Deaville Plays The Fiddle & Sings


Darcie Deaville, Taller Dog Records, 2004

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Track Listing:

Beautiful Lake Dore Waltz (track comments)
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (track comments)
Cotton Eye Joe / Red River Jig (track comments)
The Wandering Song (track comments)
Wildwood Flower (track comments)
Drunken Hiccups (track comments)
Jimmy Johnson, Pass The Jug Around (track comments)
Dance With Grace (track comments)
Farther Along Traditional
Wayfaring Stranger This sounds like a band. Darcie played all the instruments and sang three part harmony on this. The instruments are guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and octave mandolin (the one sound people either can't identify, or often mistake for a banjo).